I love to write. A word, a line, a script, a joke, an essay, a strategy, a statement of intent. Whatever it takes. Words bind us together; they help us sell things, ideas, ideologies to anyone, anywhere. But words are not the whole story. Find the insight. Define the channels. Create a narrative. That's basically what I do. Medium is less important to me than message. There's a lot of film on this site and sure, I love bold, beautiful, funny storytelling, but a great thought can be communicated via any channel, and with any budget. This is what the word 'creative' means to me. In a previous life, I was a civil servant, a librarian, an editor, a charity worker, a shelf-stacker and a school janitor. In my current life, I've been a creative lead at Mother, W+K, Fallon and Karmarama, and I have a bunch of awards to show for it, including a D&AD Black Pencil for writing. In 2015, I co-founded Faster Horses, a creative collective working directly with clients on a project basis. And now I work solo, with people I like and on projects I find interesting. In my next life, I shall be replaced by a piece of code.